Caramel Body Butter

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Enjoy our popular Lucious Body butter. Super hydrating + Provides a lot moisture to your. You will definitely look and feel flawless all day.. This can be an excellent addition to your selfcare routine.

It's also the perfect gift for someone

* NON-GREASY AND LIGHT BODY CREAM: The best Is when you can have a lotion and or cream that is soft to your skin. We are very proud of having a body butter that is light just like velvet and not very greasy. At times People think body butters are greasy but in all reality ya all soft cream for your body. This Butter is not the traditional thick body butter that you can only use  at home, neither it is just water based. The oils of the Caramel Cream Butter sits perfectly. It has been always an intention to have a product that provides the benefits needed for the body to have its correct oils for all seasons. 


It’s a mixture of Summer in California and Miami.

* Body butters are Oil and Butter based and don't need crazy preservatives. Our product is organic, Paraben Free and awesome food for the skin.


Please note to keep The butter in cool places as the warmer climates can make it melt. You can refrigerate it for an hour or so to regain the texture, without losing any nutrients. 


Whipped Body Butter 8oz  Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter,olive oil, emulsifying wax, Glycerin, Water, other preservatives.

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Please note Lip Gloss are non Returnable due to the safety of our costumers and employees. If an order has a Defect we are truly happy to provide any assistance in making sure you get the right product. Thank you so much for understanding. made with love and care to you.


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