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Escape into a world of fabulousness while improving your lovely skin. Our oil infused soaps with different scents. It is designed to soothe irritated ski, provide moisture and the different real flowers to provide tranquility. From rose petals, Lilly’s, Lavender and more. All of our soap are designed to reduce irritation from acne and eczema breakouts with soft lather.

Infused olive oil, coconut oil, Sweet almond oil,, Shea Butter, food-grade lye, vitamin E, calendula herb, goats milk, Shea butter, oatmeal 

• High in vitamin A, C, B, and E
• Helps regenerate new skin cells
• Anti-inflammatory
• Helps reduce scarring
• Soothes irritated skin from acne or eczema
• Draws toxins from the skin
• Induces relaxation
• Great for mature skin, and acne or eczema


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  • Island Breeze with Lillies Soap
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